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This website is intended to document what we have discovered about our Irish Ancestors. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the content and explore it as deeply as you have interest. We also invite you to contribute your own ideas and research.

Online Family Trees can be accessed at Ancestry.com (Hugh McKenna Descendancy) and FamilySearch.org (Signin Required)

In this section, we share recent discoveries and maintain an archive of prior discoveries. We invite you to share any insights and discoveries you have. We also share links to research tools, including historic maps, timelines, links to photos and videos, research websites, and research documentation.

Since none of our ancestors left written histories, we have reconstructed a history of their lives based on source documents we have found and events that would have taken place during their lives. We hope to continue to get to know our ancestors better. By learning about our past, we gain perspective and strength for challenges we may face in our own lives.

McKenna Clann

This section provides a history of the McKenna Clann and a few notable relatives. Humans search for a sense of identity in this vast world. Understanding more about one’s ancestry can provide a sense of comfort and certainty.

In this section, we discuss our future plans for better understanding our ancestry, including connections to living cousins through DNA and further research.

This section focuses on places, instead of people. The purpose of this section is to provide information about historic sites that may be of interest to McKenna family members while in Ireland.

Get to know us a little better and why we are doing what we are doing.