About Us

McKennas at Donagh Cemetery (Co. Monaghan)
McKennas at Donagh Cemetery (Co. Monaghan)

What are we trying to accomplish:  Our purpose is to find Hugh McKenna's ancestors and descendants. This effort includes documenting life events and histories for those dear to Hugh. By collecting the low-hanging fruit of Hugh's immediate family and descendants from readily-accessible records, we hope to invoke the help of heavenly hosts to open the pathway to his ancestry. We show our dedication by organizing periodic genealogical research trips to access the records that are only available in Northern Ireland. The information gathered is extracted and added to the FamilySearch.org genealogy database. This website will also offer living descendants the ability to interact and exchange information of mutual interest.

What are we doing: In 2008 and again in 2011, representatives of our family group visited Ireland and spent time in Dublin's General Registry Office, Belfast's PRONI and other places researching our roots.  We found dozens of Hugh's grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Our pedigree is documented on FamilySearch.org. - Hugh's Person Identifier Number is LCTN-ZC8.  We use this site (hughmckenna.org) to coordinate our research efforts and then transfer all meaningful findings and discussions to FamilySearch.org.

Contact Information:
Rich McKenna: rlmckenna12@gmail.com, cell phone: 801-718-1147
Rob McKenna: mckenna.rob@gmail.com
Todd McKenna: mckennaet@gmail.com