Belfast Branch

Thomas and Sarah Singleton McKenna became members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1869, were "cut-off" in 1870 and were re-baptized in 1871.  They were likely introduced to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ by the Robert and Jane Ferguson Allen family who lived close to them and possibly worked with them.  Their membership in the Church would impact the rest of their lives and transform the lives of their descendants.  Their emigration to the United States in 1872 was at least partially funded by a Church program, the Perpetual Emigration Fund, and they first established themselves in the Latter-day Saint community of Coalville, Utah (see Thomas and Sarah Singleton McKenna history).

Referring to their baptism, the Belfast Conference Record reads as follows:

Thomas McKenna age 25 was baptizes on 13 June 1869 by Elder Allen and Confirmed on the same date by Elder Reed
Sarah McKenna age 24 was baptized on 10 July 1869 by Elder Allen and Confirmed on 11 July 1869 by Elder Howard
They were both cut off on 2 October 1870
Thomas was again baptized on 21 June 1871 by Elder Scott and confirmed on the same day by Elder Allen
Sarah was baptized on 29 July 1871 by Elder Scott and confirmed the same day also by Elder Scott.

Link to Belfast Conference Records from 1854-1873

The purpose of this section is to document, as completely as possible, the history of the Church in Ireland from 1840 to 1875 and the members, leaders and missionaries of the Church during that same period.  Special emphasis will be placed on those who may have touched the lives of Thomas and Sarah McKenna, including those who emigrated to Coalville, Utah.

Where possible, links will be created to existing websites (though these may change over time) and to existing documents we are able to accumulate.